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Problems and Bond Proposals

The links detail issues related to needed Schoolcraft County schools replacement or renovation projects, and the proposed financing for them. Included are current millage propositions for raising revenue to pay off the bonds that would be sold to finance these Manistique Area Schools District facilities upgrade proposals.


Proposition 2 passed, 02/26/02. The election results, and the consequential speculation concerning the failures of the other two propositions will be added to this site in the future, as the community "soul searching" continues, and the M.A.S. Board and Schoolcraft County residents deal with the consequences.

General School Issues

School Bond Proposition 1

School Bond Proposition 2

School Bond Proposition 3

1999 Questions and Answers 1

1999 Questions and Answers 2

1999 Questions and Answers 3

1999 Questions and Answers 4

Post Election Blues 1

Lincoln School Renovation Issues

Fairview School Renovation Issues

Lakeside School Renovation Issues

High School Renovation Issues

Grandstand, Track and Field Issues

Facts and Fiction 1

Facts and Fiction 2

Facts and Fiction 3

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These pages were requested and suggested by no one. I found it necessary, after voting against the schools proposal three times, to find out, for myself, why I, and a majority of other voters, failed to understand why new school facilities are needed, now.

I hope these pages, that cost a significant piece of my life, provide the community a more comprehensive understanding of the issues and reasoning. I have, now, sufficient justified reasons to vote YES for all the school proposals of February 26.

Kudos to Ken Groh and Randy Watchorn for their co-operation and help to secure information presented in these school and education related pages.


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