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Manistique's Extortionate Water and Sewer Charges - A Synopsis - 08/24/20
Sheriff Biz - Schoolcraft County Commissioners continue to show ethical grit! - 10/21/09
Health Care - It's About the Benjamins, Predatory Self-Interest, Deceit, and Demagogues - 08/11/09
When is Public Business Private? - When You let it be - Record it and make it public! - 07/09/09
A Human Nature Primer For Teens and Adults Regarding Local and National Woes - 01/18/09
Schoolcraft County Sheriff Department lies and jail suicide lawsuits? - Update 11/10/08
Thomas Richardson trial - Perceptions, verdicts, and consequences - 05/24/08
Lakeside Road - 11th Circuit Court affirms 93rd District Court decision that
Michigan Vehicle Code, MCL 257.652, applies to private property! - Update 03/16/08

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Osmose Inc. Manistique Mi. railroad bridge repair crew, 11/18/09
2010 Osmose Railroad Services, Inc. "Bashful Babes" calendar girls entries, aka Manistique RR bridge repair crew 11/18/09 - Left to right, Dan Schobel, Soka Chay, Mike Laux, Mark Lindsay, Dane Hoefling, Nick Doyle. These hard working ladies are responsible for replacing the top support structures and bearings of the local railroad bridge over the Manistique River, without interrupting the flow of train traffic. More project images to follow. Note: No animals were hurt and no one was offended during the making of this photograph. Click image, above, for full 5MB cropped image, suitable for non-commercial use, or, for non-commercial use, HERE the full 11MB image including additional bridge detail.

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