Manistique High School Problems 3

These photographs detail some obvious problems that require renovation and equipment upgrade to enable Manistique High School to meet the demands of a 21st century education with the appropriate facilities. 26 years of operation has taken its toll, from everything. In some areas, facility renewal is necessary, as the original equipment is almost worn out. In other areas, new equipment is required to meet new education demands.
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science lab
A general view of 1 of 2 identical, grades 9 through 12, science labs. They need to be upgraded, including required technology, such as computers and interactive television. Grades 7 and 8 need a similar facility to be meet the curriculum requirements that are standard in most other Michigan schools.
science lab storage room
Storage facilities are required with a lab. A year's worth of science curriculum equipment takes up a lot of room. A book, desk and blackboard is not enough, today.

chemistry lab
Like the science labs, the chemistry lab needs the addition of computers, interactive television and a general overhaul, to meet current course requirements and those of the foreseeable future.
7-8 grade science classroom
This a view of the science classroom for grades 7 and 8. To provide "hands on" training, on par with most similar Michigan schools, requires another science lab similar to those for grades 9 through 12.
grade 7-8 science classroom
This view of the grades 7 and 8 science classroom, along with the other view, shows the virtual absence of lab facilities required for an education that extends far beyond "book work" alone. If children are denied an opportunity to better themselves in this life, you s'pose they get the opportunity in the next?
1918 high school gym
This stout and venerable building, the original high school gym built in 1918, has outlived its usefulness. Its use for storage is excess to the school district's needs, and the cost of demolition, for green space or parking, increases at a rate that far exceeds its value for storage. It is time to dispose of it, with a tear.

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